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100 years of Edwards Vacuum

Edwards Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation at SEMICON Korea

At SEMICON® Korea this year Edwards will present innovative solutions that help chip makers remain competitive in today’s demanding and diverse market. The growing demand for more complex designs at smaller technology nodes has resulted in many different semiconductor manufacturing processes that use a wide variety of technology approaches and materials – all relying on new vacuum and abatement methodologies for their successful implementation.

Edwards is celebrating 100 years of technological innovation this year. It will showcase new approaches for innovation, productivity, and safety in two presentations during SEMICON Korea:

˗ “CVD Precursors and Associated By-products – Ensuring Maximum Chamber Productivity,” by Al Brightman, Sr. Product Manager, Edwards. This paper will present optimum vacuum solutions designed to reduce equipment downtime and improve productivity in the fab. In addition, health and safety risks can be greatly reduced (Wednesday, 23 January, Room 308). ˗ “Enabling 3D and High-aspect Ratio Etch Technologies through On-Chamber Process Vacuum,” by Adam Stover, Applications Manager, Edwards. This paper will not only discuss traditional pumping challenges and proven solutions, but also the novel application challenges that could potentially gate more complex 3D NAND, DRAM and other device structures (Thursday, 24 January, Room 307).

In its booth (D104), Edwards will feature a next-generation model of its popular iXH dry vacuum pump that is specifically-designed to handle condensable gases. It offers a higher temperature capability for harsh processes. “Safe and effective management of process exhaust is a growing concern today, especially with the development of increasingly stringent emissions limits world-wide,” said Jason Yun, General Manager, Edwards Korea. “At the same time, advancing technologies are introducing new materials and processes that present challenges, each requiring an optimized vacuum and abatement solution. For example, our next-generation iXH pump is specifically designed to prevent the accumulation of condensable materials inside the pump.” Yun adds, “As Edwards celebrates its 100-year anniversary this year, we look forward to continuing to collaborate closely with our customers to create solutions that enable them to innovate.” Visit Edwards at booth D104 during SEMICON Korea to learn more about sub-fab solutions and value-added services. SEMICON Korea takes place 23-25 January at COEX, Seoul, Korea.