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The STFC facilities in the UK and Europe provide a range of research techniques using neutrons, muons, lasers and X-rays and are used by scientists across a huge variety of science disciplines ranging from physical sciences to medicine, the environment, energy and more.

Neil Lavender Jones, Edwards’ Vice President for High Vacuum presented an award in recognition of the achievement and was shown around the facilities near Oxford. “We are delighted to be able to support one of the most advanced scientific facilities in the world, and are indeed honoured to be a very small part of helping Britain to be at the leading edge of scientific research,” he commented. “We look forward to furthering our successful partnership in the future.”

The nXDS dry scroll pump from Edwards offers a unique, oil-free, robust vacuum solution. Its advanced scroll-form and quiet operation, <52 dB(A), deliver best-in-class performance. The unique tip-seal design doubles the tip-seal life compared with Edwards’ previous XDS scroll pumps and it is easily field serviceable with a minimum of special tooling, giving class-leading maintenance intervals, less down time and a lower cost of ownership.

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