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Person in a lab uniform holding a semiconductor chip

Achieving the 6 key performance metrics from the SubFab to the Cleanroom

To make Operational Excellence a reality it is important to get a complete view of the impact vacuum and abatement has on the key performance metrics.

Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, People and Environment (SQDCPE) are metrics widely used to measure and track performance


The SubFab is a dangerous environment. Harmful materials and people interact closely with machines. It is important to review key performance indicators (KPIs) and how they impact both the Fab and the SubFab.


As the number of processing steps required by leading edge processes has grown, so has the impact of vacuum and abatement on line and even die yield. What may seem like minor improvements to yield can have a huge impact on KPIs.


Thousands of hours of process tool time is still being lost each year, due to unplanned maintenance. If an unexpected event in the SubFab causes a tool or chamber to be down, wafers can be lost or delayed when waiting for the tool and the cycle time for those wafers will increase.


The impact on wafer cost can be direct or indirect. The indirect costs, including the opportunity cost of lost production on process tools far outweighs direct costs, especially if the down tool is a bottleneck tool.


Creating integrated circuits requires many people with a wide range of skills and both theoretical and hands-on knowledge.  These skills range across physics and chemistry, materials science, electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering, control systems and more.


Many measures are needed to achieve sustainability objectives – energy efficiency programs, strategic renewable energy initiatives, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and established climate change countermeasures.

To understand how the vacuum and abatement system can positively impact each performance metric, download the e-book to explore key performance indicators and recommendations.