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Action Net Zero banner

Environment actions and involvement at Edwards

We’re committed to excellence in the management of the environment – there is no higher priority for us.

  • Over our products’ life-cycle we prevent more carbon emissions than we generate

  • Our technologies enable the manufacturing of a wide range of environmental products – vacuum is essential for the production of solar cells and solid state lighting

  • When our products need replacing we offer ways to refurbish them for reuse – we already refurbish 35,000 of them each year. At the end of their life cycle, our vacuum products are disassembled so that their primary materials are recycled keeping them out of landfills

  • We’re also investing in new facilities that meet or exceed environmental norms and changing the ways we work. For example, we are in the process of moving our European and North American product companies to use 100% renewable electricity

Visit their website to see how they are helping companies to become greener: Action Net Zero Bristol

Edwards is involved with and promotes:

Visit their Briefing site to learn more about a range of environmental actions and discussions: COP26 Universities Network